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Your Local Cleaning Specialist Since 1997


Tel: 07973 818157

We are a family run business based in Hunsbury. Together with our close knit team we cover the Northampton area and surrounding villages.

Our Service

We take great pride in offering a high level of service, always endeavouring to deliver the highest quality of work combined with using the best products available to achieve the best possible result.


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Our Cleaning Services Include...


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"...Knocks spots off of many much larger outfits"

Jan Hobbs

The Cleanzine

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Pressure Treatment

Service Includes:

Restoration & Protection -  Sealant Application

  • Free - Measure and Quote.  

  • Professional Weed Killing.  

  • Minor Repairs Carried Out.  

  • Pressure Washing.  

  • Re-sanding.  

  • Optional - Sealant Application.

In order to protect and preserve that pristine finish for as long as possible we recommend treating the surface with a sealant. Resiblock is the number one product on the market for this application. It has been used in a variety of commercial situations from airport runways to pedestrian footpaths. Now becoming more popular, is an affordable version of Resiblock to fit a wide range of domestic applications. It is an effective way to protect block paviers, patio slabs of all kinds, or even different types of stone.


Blocks, as well as the sand on a driveway, are pourous by nature which means it will hold the damp thus allowing moss and weeds to quickly develop. A good sealant prevents this and offers a number of benefits:




  • Protects against staining from oil, diesel, and food etc.  

  • Prevents weed and grass growth.  

  • Binds sand to block, forming a flexible coating.  

  • Improves resistance to tyre marks.  

  • Enhances the look of the paving.  




Also, our range of products and treatments can tackle a wide range of tough stains, including:








Mineral Deposits




Please ask for more information.

Before and After

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- Eradicates Moss/Algae/Lichen, and prevents it returning.

- Petrol Power Pressure Washing.

- Kills weeds, and keeps them at bay for up to 6months.

- Seals, Stabilizes, Protects.

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Indian Sandstone - Colour Enhancer

Tarmac Restorer - Black

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Block Paving

Indian Sandstone - Natural

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Helps prevent paving failure!  


This gives the whole surface strength. In addition, rainwater is not allowed to soak through and erode the foundation beneath which can cause a drive to move and distort over time. Instead water runs off the surface helping to lengthen the life of this investment.





This service is available for all types of paving including: